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“The Day That XP Died” by Dave Methvin
October 23, 2009, 1:39 pm
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Dave Methvin of Information Week pens this notable gem of a parody of Don McLean’s American Pie titled, The Day That XP Died.   It’s not really feasible to quote a snippet of a song, so here it is:

Bye, bye, to the XP supply
And Vista, what a nightmare, it was quite a black eye
Windows 7 now will be the rallying cry
Thinking this will make my new PC fly
This will make my new PC fly

Did you back up all your drive
Just in case the install takes a dive
Cause the experts tell you so

Now do you have faith in Microsoft
Can Seven keep those guys aloft
And can Ballmer just avoid some more layoffs

Well I know that you’re not fond of him
Cause the balance sheet was pretty grim
It wasn’t all his fault
The economy came to a halt

Well, it may seem like Steve’s a sad lame duck
But this brand new Windows isn’t Vista (yuck)
So I knew he had changed his luck
The day that XP died

I just rebooted

Bye, bye to the XP pig sty
Bought a new Windows 7 at my local Best Buy
And several geeks were standing very nearby
Singing this will be the one to apply
This will be the one to apply

I saw a guy who did IT
And I asked him if he liked XP
But he just smiled and turned away
Then I went down to the retail store
Where I bought XP some years before
But the man there said that Seven is the way

So all around the PC scene
A brand new Windows fast and clean
And “Vista” won’t be spoken
Since it was badly broken

And the one man I despise the most
That Mac ad guy, his complaints are toast
The PC guy can finally boast
The day that XP died

So bye, bye, to the XP supply
Microsoft pulled the plug, so don’t bother to cry
XP had a good run, that I just won’t deny, but
Thinking this will be the day that it dies

Doctor Johnston’s Security Maxims for the Ages
October 2, 2009, 1:35 pm
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Via Tech Republic, Roger G. Johnston Ph.D.’s security maxims:

The following maxims explain why security issues are slow to be resolved:

  • Show-Me Maxim: No serious security vulnerability, including blatantly obvious ones, will be dealt with until there is overwhelming evidence and widespread recognition that adversaries have already catastrophically exploited it. In other words, “significant psychological (or literal) damage is required before any significant security changes will be made”.

Sad, but oh so very true.