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Spencer and the impending collapse (not elimination) of American evangelicism
March 10, 2009, 7:18 pm
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Wes Hazlett’s comment to Spencer’s The Coming Evangelical Collapse:

These sentiments have clearly exposed the underbelly of the real agenda of the forces behind the slow death of America.

Rather than fulfilling the commission of Christ to simply preach His Gospel to allow the Word of God to convict the human heart as the true catalyst of change, we as a collective body are misappropriating our strength and energy into using the government and intellectual debate as weapons of warfare in this spiritual battle.

In doing so, we as a collective body of Christians are not allowing the Word of God to Save, we are hiding behind conservative media moguls like Rush Limbaugh as though they are saviors of a principle that America was founded upon.

While the wealth of Rush Limbaugh can cushion him from the attacks he suffers, the wealth of the individual Christian cannot be relied upon to endure the vile attacks of the enemy in a new America where the enemy does not play by the fair rules of engagement.

In a new America where the President rules by clear policy that government is the new god of America, there is no future for Christianity in America if the Christian expects government to yield to the true God by merely petitioning government to change.

Christians in America must stop hiding behind government and public approval and start forging ahead with no fear of what man can do. We must do this now if God’s grace will save this Country from its future course of soon destruction from our own ways.

Wes Hazlett
The Bodyguard: A Christian Apologetics Ministry

Interesting points.

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Mr. Hazlett said, “…the enemy does not play by the fair rules of engagement.”

You mean tipping over police cars would not make William F. Buckley happy?

Amen Mr. Hazlett.

Comment by H.L. James

What in the world does that have to do with Bill Buckley?

Comment by Sándor

Sandor: closed quote Google William F. Buckley.

Nice article and this Hazlett has a bold take but I doubt many really understand that the Country is rolling out the red carpet for destruction.

Poeple are so caught up in conservatism vs. liberalism that they have lost sight of preaching the simplicity of the Gospel.

Comment by Thad M.

Wes Hazlett writes —–“we as a collective body are misappropriating our strength and energy into using the government…”

I like that. Give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s and God what is God’s. Although it would seem that American’s have drawn battle lines on the left and the right without having a clue that the Kingdom of God is not channeled through a Political Party.

It’s like a friend of mine who always wants to use the Chronicles of Narnia to teach kids about Jesus. Teach them Jesus!

Comment by Jillian

It took me a while to catch on to this in my youth, but few people consider the the fact Satan’s political loyalties are superficial. He can just as easily wrap himself in the garb of pseudo-conservatism and society’s casual application/adherence to Scripture as he can to the secular principles and politics of the seemingly “Godless” left. (Note the quotes)

Wolf in sheep’s clothing. Etc.

And I agree Jillian. Christian Classics can be great tools (for young and old alike), but I am not keen on the practice of trying to explain the wonders of Christ via metaphor and fantasy as a primary (or heavily utilized) means of sharing the Gospel with children. The power of Christ is awesome enough as it is as described in Scripture without relying on fiction to stretch our imagination.

Comment by Sándor

It’s all about polarization. Like the enemy wants you to focus on Christ? Nice website.

Comment by S.K.

Thank you S.K. As I commented to Jillian, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the “sides” approach and not realize Satan’s subtle (or outright?) presence in your ranks.

Comment by Sándor

I cannot believe how fast our Country is going down the drain. I feel swindled and I feel like our own government has betrayed us. I hate that the government has sent a beat down on the American people. I like this article a lot and I just wish that our government would stop thinking that they are God.

Comment by Carthage

This guy is crazy! He keeps talking this and he is going to be land on a watch list.

You mean the government does not speak for the people?? Nancy Pelosi surely does not have an agenda!

Comment by Glenn Beck Guy

Thanks for the email GB Guy about this article.

Fascinating take.

I think this is part of a movement that is truly at wit’s end about the assault on Christian values.

Read Hazlett’s ‘The Economy of Satan Flourishing in Present American Financial Dearth’ to get a panoramic view of his writing.

Thad writes: “Poeple are so caught up in conservatism vs. liberalism that they have lost sight of preaching the simplicity of the Gospel.”

Who do you think is behind that ‘confusion’?

Comment by Church Lady

Hello Church Lady! Nice to see you here.. behind the confusion? ..would it be the head of the angels that can transform himself (themselves) into an angel of light?

“…there is no future for Christianity in America if the Christian expects government to yield to the true God by merely petitioning government to change.”

There is if you take Christ out of it. Like what has happened since the Mormon’s and JW’s have corrupted Christ’s gospel. The one world religious soup is coming.

Comment by Body Hammond

Wow this article is getting some legs. I saw it on an rss news feed today.

I hope it wakes people up to what is really happening.

Comment by Carl

These sentiments reflect something bigger than a Benny Hinn luxury car.

This tackles the root of ‘American Christianity’.

Cowardism and complacency. Hazlett expresses the thoughts of many. God will not allow His members to hide behind the law’s of men forever.

Comment by Simms

More more more! Nice Matrix themed website. Welcome Back Mr. Hazlett.’we missed you! (Matrix-like quote) Good words. Keep fighting the good fight.

Comment by Wayne M.

I tend to lean toward people that are not religious fanatics but as much as I hate to say it this guy has a point. I think we have gotten so politically correct and so worried about not offending anyone that the messages I learned in Sunday school are almost forgotten by mainstream society.

Comment by Alberto G.

Does it matter? really? Look at how Obama is helping kill America. What a tragic way to lose a Country.

Conservative vs liberal. Give me a break! We are all due a date with the Creator.

Good read Bodyguard.

Comment by Maris

Mr. Wes Hazlett writes: “Christians in America must stop hiding behind government and public approval and start forging ahead with no fear of what man can do. We must do this now if God’s grace will save this Country from its future course of soon destruction from our own ways.”

This Country has a date with judgement. It is just too bad that so many men and women laid down their lives for an inevitable death of this Country. Obama is killing our nation and if this self-delusioned messianic quisling is not the captain of the ‘destroyer’ he sure is on the boat. To Mr. Hazlett–you have some stones and I would bet many people that know you want nothing to do with you because you are not afraid to speak the truth in this godless society that hates conviction and to admit shame when shameful behavior is displayed.

Comment by American Man

Hazlett is right between the eyes on this.

Do you know why Limbaugh makes $33 million per year? Because cowards lack the courage to stand up for Christian values in the workplace, educational institutions, and debate halls. They hide behind Rush Limbaugh so they don’t have to accept personal ownership in a tanking Country because they lack the balls or the motivation to visit the heritage website for answers on how a free market economic system does not work when you have tree hugging, rat worshipping, environmentalist and socialist wackos stealing the liquid from our economy. This is called an agenda for all you people out there that needed the cherry on top.

An agenda to kneecap America because we are the supposed privileged Nation that got ‘lucky’ in prospering so now we have to apologize and give it all back. Guess where the junk metal is going that you are scrapping for your new ecomobile? China! China has a plan for this Country-

We do not demand our illegal immigrants to assimilate- China will demand us to when it comes right down to it because they will OWN US.

I busted my rump 41 years for this? I busted my rump so we could watch a socialist rip our policemen and sooth it over with a cold beer with another socialism liberal ‘mole’?

FYI racists- a mole is something that digs underground so it cannot be seen in the open.

Like how a liberal operates.

-Retired Army
(like I am going to give you my name)

Comment by Ret. High Ranking Officer

Glenn Beck Guy—–

I am sure he already is. He does not write like a guy that seems to care much though.

Carthage, you can’t believe how fast our Country is going down hill?? Take a look at who is running this Country and ask yourself how in God’s name did it get like this. How in the name of God did this President get elected with America not really knowing who who Obama is?

Comment by Gavin M -------

I agree with this man. Christians in America must stop hiding behind the government. We are not horses waiting for the Government to open a gate for us.

Comment by T.R. Miller

We are hiding behind the media because the media controls the world! Look at all the Obama sheep running about with no idea how bad their false messiah is doing? Thank you for the solid read!

Comment by Shezpa1

Exactly. Tea parties are not the real answer. They are comparing us with Libs now!

We need to organize ‘knee parties’ and repent as a Nation! Hazlett get’s it. Rather than adding God as a ‘side-dish’ on the Conservative plate- we need to take this Country to a new ‘main course’ of following the Lord’s protection over this Country.

Comment by 'Tana Cowboy

Wes Hazlett is right. We as conservatives may have not gone so far as to leave God off the table but we sure have shoved him off as our main sustaining power on the plate! We need to repent as a body of believer’s and start sharing the Word of God before we dare expect God to rescue us from our own pathetic fear.

Comment by CheckMate11

So you being one that is known for writing against the Vatican ALA Roman Catholic teaching—–can tell us who believe that Limbaugh, Hannity, Bortz, Levin are good for America tell us that we have no political party?

Response from Wes Hazlett I received——

“””””””Give me one Scriptural passage in the Old Testament where God rescued His own people for fighting against it’s enemy to save their own land after they have rejected God’s righteous authority and protection -as we have done in America.

Are you offended that President Barack Obama said that America is not a ‘Christian Nation’ anymore? Too bad. God cannot deny Himself and surely out of the mouth of even an antichrist God’s truth is spoken. Don’t worry- God places who He wants in authority and still commands His members to pray for them- how is that for Providence?

Do you honestly believe that the hoax of the global warming threat would go so far to destroy our free market economic system if God was trusted to preserve His own earth that He created? This is judgment for letting our public schools go unchecked in teaching the big bang.

God has sold this Country to unrighteous authority because we have rejected righteous authority.

Rather than repent, turn our hearts to the Rock that moved our founding fathers to even ‘handle’ writing our founding documents- we pin our social, societal, and governmental ill’s on an enemy we cannot find, a ‘liberal’ party that promotes socialism, a vicious attack on our Constitution, and a foolish religion named Islam that hates God.

We want to live like the ‘world’ so are we now angry that God is removing our Nation’s borders from the world? This is judgment for not preserving our Godly heritage.

We are adopting multiculturalism in this Country and we are angry that we are losing our own culture in America? This is judgment for our arrogance.

We are falling further into racial division and yet this Country has never been more saturated with ‘equality’ organizations. This is judgment for our judging outwardly. How is that for irony? We judge from without while God judges from within.

We are murdering millions and millions of the unborn while our own tax dollars are footing the bill for birthing illegal immigrants babies. This is judgment and this better hammer the point to a painful degree on what God thinks about our economic system that federally funds abortions.

We present Jesus as a kind dead man among many good teachers as opposed to the True God of the Universe who became a man to save us from our sins in an eternity in hell. Yet we wonder how in the world we can have several thousand new religions in America! This is judgment because a kind dead man does not motivate people to be burned at a stake- let alone carry a bible to a public place.

Satan is clever- he moves deftly in the spirit realm. He has deceived and deluded American people running around terrified of ‘socialism’ that they have failed to trust God to restore America to that which it was founded to be.

Conservative talk show hosts are highly skilled and very passionate- yet their pact to defend one another in the face of this ‘soft tyranny’ is laughed at by the powers and principalities in high places because they refuse to give God his glory.

Churchian’s and lukewarm ‘Christian’s’ act as though the great commission is better served in sending a blanket with a bible verse on it to Zimbabwe rather than sharing the Lord of Lord’s in our own work place or in the public school -because we do not our precious reputations to take a hit!

You can run to Rush, Hannity, and all the other surface scratchers and blame the liberals for destroying this Country but ask yourself this my friend- who really is destroying this Country?

God is judging those that acted as though they are known by God! We are reaping what we have sown in America as a body of members of a supposed common faith cannot even teach and exercise a common Gospel!

Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roman Catholicism, Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, and others of the likes are rich beyond imagination…and yet faith in America is dying because those outside the body of Christ are confused at who the real Jesus is!

Have you ever had a bible study at your workplace? Have you ever said to a friend at school, “listen to me, The Lord Jesus Christ knows what you are going through and He will answer your pain and hurt with the peace and purpose you have been searching for”.

You have been duped and you need to wake up my friend and get a strong dose of the discernment that comes only from the Holy Spirit of God- We have been given a grave choice by God Almighty and He is giving both the gentle and the wicked man and woman in America space to repent and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ before the American empire collapses on it’s own weight of our own Nation’s pride, greed, godlessness, and evil.

Read Deuteronomy 32.

May God bless you with wisdom and grace. Pray for our brave American soldiers.

Wes Hazlett
Bodyguard 7 Christian Apologetics””””””””””

Comment by TempeHannityGuy

What happened after June 27th?? Did comments close on this? I agree with this analysis on how faith in America is becoming weak. We have ‘fallen away’ tragically in this Country from Christ Jesus the Lord.

Comment by Proverbs31


Comment by Mike

We are reaping what we have sown and I just hope it is not too late. I totally agree, we cannot allow the gospel to be hidden behind the debate oratory skills of people like Oreilly and Limbaugh.
God is doing to deal with America for how we have been so afraid to teach the truth.

Comment by Levi88


A guy who understands that there is a futility in attempting to save America with gods who cannot save. Tea Parties are the answer! Tea Parties are the answer! YUCK. Listen to this man- listen and understand that there is a time coming where YOU will be face to face with God in a moment and there will be no group or organization to save you.

Comment by Christian

The Lord searches the heart. I believe that the delusion has been sent by God. We are in trouble with the Lord for how we have rebelled and mocked His Word and Truth. What is happening to America is terrible but not even any terror of man can come close to the terror of God if we die having rejected the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior.

I pray for people to wake up and for the grace of the Holy Spirit of God firstly. We are sinner’s who have fallen into the hands of an angry God and our American empire is in deep despair.

Wes Hazlett writes accurately. Truly we have a superior intelligence judging the heart of America in how methodically He is using our own pride against our prosperity.

May God be glorified above all.

Comment by Able

Hannityguy: Sorry about the double post but you think you are exposing this man? I bet he is happy you posted his response. The Lord Jesus IS NOT PLEASED with people who claim to be His sheep and hide behind or hide in our corrupt government.

Comment by Able

Deuteronomy 32 is horrifying. Hate to say it but I cannot help but see America in there as well. Wake up people.

Comment by Carthage

Alberto G, do you really think this guy is a fanatic now??????????? Look around you! Look at the world collapsing and human led ‘churchianity’ being judged by God and cast out of His sight. Good heavens we are in for a real bad time if we do not stop idolizing these talk show hosts. Tea party! tea party?? really? that gonna stop this “descent into hell”?

Comment by JohnnyPaycheck

There is a lot of people I am sure that understand what Hazlett writes here but they are afraid to do anything about it because they might lose friends and status. There is no peace of God given to America because His people are rallying at Tea Parties.

Reply from Wes Hazlett—“Christian, God bless you for your stand and your discernment in this time of great falling away. There is no peace that God gives Nation’s who hide behind the physical products of that Nation’s prideful symbols of prosperity. Did God ever say to the Hebrews—-YES, THAT FLAG SAVES YOU! YES, DUMP YOUR FIG BASKETS IN PROTEST!” May God save this lethal inoculation of the drug of the ‘form of godliness’ but the absence of that which God is honored and glorified by. Satan is so very clever, rather than backing one dog in the fight- he has possessed two dogs in the fight! both the conservative and liberal dog are used by Satan to rob and deny God his glory…”

Can you imagine what would happen to the abortion agenda if Christians would show up by the thousands and millions to pray in the full armor of God? No– instead religious people are showing up in safe tea party rallies as though that will rescue America from the coming wrath of God.

God have mercy upon America and His people who are in trouble with the Maker.

Comment by Christian777

SHUT YOUR MOUTH! we love laughing at Limbaugh do you think we will continue to laugh at conservatives if you refuse it’s idols! Man I hope this guy’s ideas are not taken serious because we will not have gut rolling laughs day after day from the ‘glorious naked body’ as Limbaugh calls it!

Comment by Ms.Lexington44

Hate to say it but this guy is dead on. We have forsaken the shelter of the true Fortress now we have been thrown into the streets by God Himself. Why should He be denied by those that think they speak for Him in a Country that is losing it’s fear and love of God? God is dealing with this Nation. Praise be the Lord.

Comment by Bingo

Very well said. The government is not the problem, it’s just the people who have been elected seem to think that they are American saviors. What next little children praising Barack Obama instead of Jesus? My mistake, that is happening.

Comment by Milton J. Griffen

“In a new America where the President rules by clear policy that government is the new god of America, there is no future for Christianity in America if the Christian expects government to yield to the true God by merely petitioning government to change.”
Wes Hazlett

America wanted a new god and a new god America got! Tragically we have been handed to mass confusion because we have confused the gospel of Christ. What shall we say, is God the author of confusion??

Comment by McKlintock10

If one could provide a better analysis of the reality of the Republican Party I would pay to read it. Stop hiding behind the puppets and media sharks.

Comment by Shirley09

Well said. Wake up and smell the coffee America.

Comment by Tropix

Amen to this. We must pray and act in the power of the Word of God. Too many people “hide” behind conservative talk radio hosts like they are going to protect American’s when our country collapses from within.

Comment by Brandon


If you mean that people are afraid, they are. They have credit card debt and some of these people do not ever want to pay it back. We have so much debt in this Country! How can America recover even from a financial perspective when those who are taking think they are entitled to not pay it back? This Country cannot survive if this course is not corrected from the heart of the American. That is a spiritual change from within that alters the outward behavior. I like what this guy say’s a lot and we need to seriously get right with God.

Comment by Regal77

Well said. It will take repentance, faith, and obedience to the true God of heaven and earth by men in America before this Country will be rescued by His saving grace. God is a nation maker and a nation breaker.

Because America has rejected God, America is not right with God. A nation not right with God is destined for correction from the Almighty.

God have mercy on America and may He wake up the lukewarm and the cowardly who have reaped His financial blessings only to steal from those who are in dire need of basic needs in America.

Comment by Harris

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