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Spencer and the impending collapse (not elimination) of American evangelicism
March 10, 2009, 7:18 pm
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Wes Hazlett’s comment to Spencer’s The Coming Evangelical Collapse:

These sentiments have clearly exposed the underbelly of the real agenda of the forces behind the slow death of America.

Rather than fulfilling the commission of Christ to simply preach His Gospel to allow the Word of God to convict the human heart as the true catalyst of change, we as a collective body are misappropriating our strength and energy into using the government and intellectual debate as weapons of warfare in this spiritual battle.

In doing so, we as a collective body of Christians are not allowing the Word of God to Save, we are hiding behind conservative media moguls like Rush Limbaugh as though they are saviors of a principle that America was founded upon.

While the wealth of Rush Limbaugh can cushion him from the attacks he suffers, the wealth of the individual Christian cannot be relied upon to endure the vile attacks of the enemy in a new America where the enemy does not play by the fair rules of engagement.

In a new America where the President rules by clear policy that government is the new god of America, there is no future for Christianity in America if the Christian expects government to yield to the true God by merely petitioning government to change.

Christians in America must stop hiding behind government and public approval and start forging ahead with no fear of what man can do. We must do this now if God’s grace will save this Country from its future course of soon destruction from our own ways.

Wes Hazlett
The Bodyguard: A Christian Apologetics Ministry

Interesting points.