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“What Bugs Newcomers About Linux”
September 3, 2008, 9:37 am
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Great thread over at LifeHacker: “What Bugs Newcomers About Linux”.

I’ve been tempted to try out Ubuntu on an old desktop running Windows 98 to “breathe new life into it” but I do not have the time to weed through user forums to get it done.

I have heard of Linux (specifically Ubuntu) being hailed as the opportunity to basically run Mac’s Leopard on cheap hardware.  Macs have always been a bit exotic to me, though I have heard they have come a long way especially since they use Intel processors now.  Still a bit ‘spensive for my tastes when I get a custom desktop for less than $500 with the works.

These comments below kinda express some of my thoughts.

what bugs me most about linux, is the often arrogant way you get treated by linux evangelists, when you need support, like:
– “How can I run iTunes on Ubuntu? vmware or wine?”
— “Why do you want to run iTunes? Use Amarok! It’s cooler anyway, because it’s open source”

Everytime you ask something about proprietary software you get answers like that. And at some point, you just lose the interest… I want an OS, not a religion.

burning-star at 07:37 AM


So, what bugs me as a Linux newcomer is that the end result isn’t quite the holy grail it’s advertised to be. Windows seems to reside in that middle ground of techie space – more amenable to user manipulation than macs, but user friendly enough that a non IT guy can tweak things, make changes and feel like I have at least understanding of what I’m doing to my OS.

northwest at 08:48 AM

At this point, on my next machine, I don’t know if I want to try and get a copy of XP Pro or take the risk of trying Vista.

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