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Nastia Liukin wins Olympic Gold!
August 15, 2008, 1:50 pm
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http://gymnastics.teamusa.orgNastia Liukin won the individual all-around gold last night in Beijing.  She finished with 63.325 points, just barely ahead of Shawn Johnson who won the silver.

Now I am not usually a big follower of the Olympics, especially gymnastics, but Nastia Liukin’s performance and overall competitive spirit really made made me a fan this year.

The only events I have really viewed in Beijing have been the men’s and women’s swimming and gymnastics, and that is primarily because they are on television before I go to bed.  But each night the past few days I have been captivated by the women’s gynastics events (but who can resist watching the men’s swimming with Michael Phelps casually breaking record after record, winning gold after gold, all while listening to his iPod between matches?).  Of all the gymnasts, Liukin has consistently caught my attention, especially with her determination and grace.

Her solid mental preparation and intensity are apparent whenever the camera pans her way.  You just know what is going through her mind by the look on her face, “I will not settle for silver.  I’d rather have fourth place then settle for second. I will get this gold medal.”

She is just amazing.  Unfortunately, I fell asleep last night as it was well after midnight and I missed her winning the gold.  Nevertheless, I was delighted to hear about her performance last night and was happy for her father as well, himself an Olympic champion.

Great work by Nastia Liukin (and the rest of the U.S. women’s gymnastic team).

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