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In re: Flamini & Lehmann
May 5, 2008, 1:42 pm
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In re the matter of Matthieu Flamini and his desire to leave a promising squad who gave him a chance to fight for a first team place and instead chose more money with a club who (may) finish fourth and as of now is 20 pts behind the leader (Inter):

Flamini didn’t sell out. He went and got paid. Can’t blame him. AW [Arsene Wenger] had a chance to tie him up but chose to let him play for a contract this year. Flamini responded with the best season of his career- thus his fat Milan contract. Now he will fade into obscurity at San Siro, but that is besides the point…. I don’t hate on Flamini for his decision, although I think its a foolish one career-wise. Anyway, we move on. We will be fine next year.

goldsoundz at the FSC board

That pretty much sums it up for me. Honestly though, if it came down to the money game, you can’t blame him. Wenger just couldn’t afford to splash the cash with Flamini with the Emirates debt – they have to stick to the current wage structure. Ah, well, best of luck to Flamini. I just hope AW can find a suitable partner for Cesc in the middle.

As for Lehmann, I will not call into question his determination and discipline as a keeper, but as a sportsman, I was less than pleased with the manner in which he “‘expressed his disdain at ‘sitting on the bench behind somebody who only started to play when he was 30′” I can’t blame Almunia for feeling the way he did if the reports of their volatile relationship are true.

Nevertheless, bravo to Lehmann for his solid tenure as a Gunner and best wishes to him and his family wherever he plays next. As arseblogger stated,

“for now it’s thanks Jens and good luck, you toe-stamping, Drogba pushing, ref baiting, Gallas shouting, top save making loon.”